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Toys That Make Your Tortoise Happy

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Toys That Make Your Tortoise Happy

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Just like other animals, tortoises are creatures that also need a source of entertainment. We won’t always be present to keep them entertained, so we need some things to encourage them to play in their sweet time.

To keep our beloved tortoises happy and busy, it is vital to give them suitable toys. These exciting creatures may seem slow and steady, but they have specific needs that can be met with various toys and accessories. 

In this guide, we’ll talk about multiple toys made to make your tortoise’s life more fun and exciting.

Climbing Toys

Tortoises may not be known as good climbers, but giving them suitable climbing toys can help keep them active and stimulate their minds. Look for solid branches or platforms they would find in the wild. 

Tortoises can work out their muscles, explore different levels, and do many other things with these toys. 

Climbing toys not only help tortoises stay fit but also give them a chance to do natural things, like perching, stretching, and looking around. Ensure that the climbing toys are safe so that no one gets hurt.

Good Hiding Spots

It’s essential for a tortoise’s overall health to have safe and comfortable places to hide. When stressed or overwhelmed, tortoises often look for a place to hide. 

Giving them safe places to hide can help them feel better and give them a sense of security. Tortoises can hide in places that look like their natural habitats, like hollow logs or caves. 

This gives them a place to go when they want to be alone. Tortoises can also hide in shelters or tunnels built for that purpose. 

Tortoises can take refuge in these hiding places but can also use them to learn and grow as they move through them. Remember to pick hiding places that are the right size for your tortoise and easy to get in and out of.

Edible Toys or Treats

You can make your tortoise’s life more fun by giving them toys or treats that they can eat. These toys do two things: they keep your tortoise’s mind active and provide it with something tasty to eat. 

Toys safe for tortoises to eat can be edible logs or treat balls filled with snacks that tortoises like. These toys teach tortoises to look for food, which keeps them busy and active and satisfies their instinct to look for food. 

Also, giving them a variety of safe and healthy treats can add a mixture to their diet and make mealtimes more fun. Just watch the size of the servings and ensure that any treats you give are suitable for tortoises and won’t hurt their health.

Digging Areas

Tortoises like to dig, and giving them a place to do so can make them much happier. You can make these areas by mixing soil, sand, and other materials that look like their natural habitat. 

By giving tortoises a soft, loose surface, they can do what comes naturally to them, like digging, burrowing, and exploring. You can make the digging area more fun and rewarding for the tortoise by hiding small toys or treats in the substrate. 

This will encourage the tortoise to dig. Ensuring the digging areas are the right size and depth is vital so the tortoise can explore safely without getting stuck or hurt.

Balls Or Rolling Objects

It may seem strange to think of tortoises playing with balls or things that roll, but they enjoy these toys. Giving your tortoise balls or other things that move can spark their interest and get them to act more playful. 

Tortoises can move these things with their legs or shells, making the experience fun and interactive. Look for toys safe for tortoises, like light balls made of non-toxic materials that are easy for them to play with. 

It’s essential to remember that you must give your tortoise enough room to move around and play with these toys. This will keep your tortoise safe while it’s playing.

Bath Toys

Adding bath toys to your tortoise’s bath time can make it even more fun for them. Even though tortoises are not usually fond of water, some may enjoy a shallow soak with floating toys. 

Some of these toys are small rubber ducks or platforms that swim. Not only do these toys keep your tortoise busy, but they also help them feel good about bathing and other water activities. 

As with any interaction with water, keeping a close eye on your tortoise to keep them safe and avoid accidents is essential.

Food-Based Puzzles

Adding food-based puzzles is a great way to give your tortoise mental stimulation and enrichment. For your tortoise to get to its food, it must use problem-solving skills. 

This encourages natural foraging behaviors and keeps their mind active. You can do simple puzzles by hiding small pieces of food in the enclosure, under rocks, or in puzzle toys made just for tortoises. 

Your tortoise could also use interactive feeders. These feeders have parts that your tortoise must move or push to get food. 

As your tortoise searches for tasty treats, these puzzles are not only fun, but they also get your tortoise moving.

Basking Platforms

Basking platforms are essential to a tortoise’s habitat because they help them in many ways and are suitable for their health. These platforms give your tortoise a place to get up high so it can bask under a heat source and soak up essential UV rays. 

But basking platforms can also be made to teach and entertain. You can add different things to the platform, like ramps, ledges, or tunnels, to allow your tortoise to explore and exercise. 

Adding other materials or textures, like rough surfaces or logs, can make your tortoise’s environment more enjoyable. Ensure your tortoise’s basking platform is stable, safe, and the right size to rest and move around.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Tortoises Need Toys?

Tortoises are slow and careful, so they have different needs than pets that like to play and move around. Even though they may not need toys as much as dogs or cats, giving them some enrichment items can still be good for their health.

Tortoises can benefit from things that encourage them to explore, stimulate their natural behaviors, and give them ways to use their minds.

Do Tortoises Like Mirrors?

Even though tortoises aren’t as good at recognizing themselves in a mirror as some animals, they can still be interested in them. Some tortoises may act aggressively when they see their reflection because they see it as a possible rival.

They may move their heads, circle, or even bite. But not all tortoises will act this way. Some may just ignore what they see in the mirror.

It’s important to remember that tortoises may become stressed or confused if they spend much time in front of mirrors since they might think the reflection is a persistent intruder.

So, if you decide to put a mirror in your tortoise’s environment, it’s essential to keep a close eye on how they act and ensure they can get away from the mirror if they get scared.

What Colors Are Tortoises Attracted To?

Most of the time, tortoises like colors that look like their natural environment. Earthy colors like greens, browns, and yellows are often appealing to them and can be used to make their environment look nice.

These colors resemble the plants and terrain in their natural habitats, making them feel at home and safe.

What Is A Tortoise’s Favorite Toy?

Some tortoises show interest in brightly colored balls, small wooden blocks, or even specially designed chew toys.

These toys provide sensory stimulation and enrichment for the tortoise, encouraging physical activity and mental engagement.

Overall, the toys discussed in this article can help entertain your tortoise while considering their overall health. While these are not required, they are highly encouraged when keeping a tortoise.

Every tortoise owner must remember that these things or toys can be made with little money. By being creative and passionate about the well-being of your tortoise, you can come up with countless ways to keep them happy.