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6 Steps to Get Rid Of Chameleons Naturally

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get rid of chameleons naturally

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Homeowners often find themselves with unwelcome guests, such as chameleons.

While these lizards can be helpful in getting rid of pesky insects, they can also wreak havoc on your garden.

If you’re looking for a more natural way to get rid of chameleons, here are a few tips.

1: Identify the chameleon’s favorite hiding spots

In order to get rid of chameleons, you need to first find out where they’re hiding.

Chameleons are excellent climbers and often take up residence in trees or on top of fences. They also like to hide in dense vegetation, so be sure to check these areas as well.

Once you’ve identified the chameleon’s favorite hiding spots, you can take steps to remove them.

2: Determine the severity of the infestation

If you only have a few chameleons on your property, you may be able to get rid of them without too much difficulty.

However, if you have a large number of chameleons, you’ll need to take more drastic measures. In this case, it’s best to contact a professional for help.

3: Trapping Them 

You can purchase a cage trap from your local hardware store or make your own. Then, bait the trap with live insects or small pieces of fruit.

Place the trap in an area where you’ve seen the chameleon and check it regularly.

When you’ve caught the chameleon, release it into the wild away from your home.

4: Creating a Chameleon-friendly Environment 

Chameleons are attracted to areas with dense vegetation and plenty of insects to eat. Chameleons eat insects, so get rid of areas where insects congregate.

If you make your yard less hospitable for them, they’ll be less likely to stick around.

Remove any dense vegetation and trim back trees and shrubs. You should also get rid of any standing water, as this will attract insects.

Finally, use an insecticide to kill any pests in your yard.

5: Using Natural Predators 

Another way to get rid of chameleons is by using their natural predators. snakes, birds of prey, and cats are all known to eat chameleons.

If you have any of these animals on your property, they may help keep the population under control.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that these predators don’t pose a threat to humans or other pets before letting them loose in your yard.

6: Monitor the progress and adjust if necessary

Be sure to monitor the situation and make changes as necessary. If the methods you’re using aren’t working, try something else.


While they may be cute, nobody wants chameleons in their yard. These lizards can quickly become a nuisance, eating all the insects in your garden and destroying plants.

If you’re looking for a more natural way to get rid of them, try trapping them, making your yard less hospitable, or using natural predators.

With a little patience and effort, you can get rid of these unwanted guests for good!