4 Steps To Provide Shelter For Wild Rabbits

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Steps To Provide Shelter For Wild Rabbits

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Providing shelter for wild animals is a great way to show your support for local wildlife. If you have wild rabbits on your property, you can provide them with a safe space by building a rabbit shack.

A rabbit shack is a simple structure that can be built out of materials you may already have around your house.

Here are some tips on building a rabbit shack that will provide shelter for the wild rabbits in your area.

Choose the right location

The location of your rabbit shack is crucial because it needs to be close to food and water sources and escape routes in case of predators.

When choosing the location for your shack, keep these factors in mind.

Gather your materials

Once you have chosen the perfect location for your rabbit shack, it’s time to gather the materials you will need to build it.

You can use whatever materials you have on hand, but we recommend using straw, wood, and wire mesh.

Build the frame of the shack

The first step in building the actual shack is to construct the frame.

This can be done by nailing pieces of wood together or tying them together with rope or wire.

Cover the frame with straw and wire mesh

Once the frame of the shack is complete, it’s time to cover it with straw and wire mesh.

The enclosure should be big enough for the rabbits to move around in but not too big.

You also want to ensure that the enclosure is secured to the ground so the rabbits can’t dig their way out. 

This will provide insulation and protection from predators for the rabbits who take shelter inside.

Give your rabbits time to adjust

After you’ve built the rabbit shack, give the rabbits a few days to get used to it before checking on them or feeding them yourself.

This will give them time to feel comfortable in their new home and help prevent them from being scared off by humans.

If you have wild rabbits on your property, consider building a rabbit shack to shelter them!

A rabbit shack is easy to build and only requires a few materials you may already have around your house.

Keep these tips in mind when planning and building your own rabbit shack, and soon you’ll be providing shelter for wild rabbits in your area!